Aird Island floats at the north of Lake Huron. The small island has been a logging post, a hunting club and various camps over the years. Several cabins and a lodge still remain. The mandate is to rebuild the aging infrastructure of the island for year-round occupation and long-term use, starting with the replacement of the main lodge.

The lodge is a place to congregate, a place to receive newcomers on the water, and a place to cook together.

Everything is open – The perimeter of the building is glass. Everything is low – No walls reach the ceiling, so anyone can see the surroundings as much as possible. Counters and furniture are set back from the glass walls and broken up to allow for collaboration, conversation and mobility.

Snow, rain and sun are shielded from the delicate interior by large overhangs provided by a repeating timber structure. Wooden legs reach downward to meet the sloping granite edge of the bay.


Client: Private

Location: Great Lakes

Type: Lodge

Status: Permit