The top of a small brook, right before it cascades down a pink granite slab and into Six Mile Lake. This is where a longtime civil lawyer wanted to build a small retreat to focus on writing and to enjoy the trickle of the water, the view on the lake below and experience restful solitude.

The cabin is set back just out of sight for the passerby on the lake. Large overhangs prevent glare from sunlight for reading and writing. The primary view is northward out onto the lake below, with smaller openings onto specific features of the site – A boulder, and a pool of water.

The cabin stands on columns well above the flood prone ground, sitting atop metal fins connected to helical piles –  Wind, water and snow pass below the belly of the cabin, allowing the landscape to change as if nothing was there.  


Location: Port Severn (ON)

Type: Cabin

Status: CD