213 Sterling Road
Suite 200B
Toronto (ON)
M6R 2B2

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Fabrication Studio is a new architecture practice based in Toronto that is focused on Garden Suites and Laneway Suites. Our goal is to provide beautiful housing at a compact scale to improve yards, lanes and neighborhoods while also densifying the city. We also want the design process to be as accessible and as straightforward as possible.


2022 April 01_ The Toronto Sun:
“Garden suites: An idea whose time has come”︎︎︎

2022 February 18_ The Globe and Mail:
“Toronto’s garden suites industry ready to blossom” ︎︎︎

2022 February 05_Storeys:
“Toronto’s First Dedicated Garden Suite Architecture Practice Launches” ︎︎︎

2022 February 04 _Urban Toronto:
Fabrication Studio launches its Garden Suite-focused practice ︎︎︎  

2022 February 02_City of Toronto:
Garden Suite By-Laws are Approved! ︎︎︎

2022 January 24_The Globe and Mail:
“Will garden suites fix Toronto’s housing crisis?” ︎︎︎

2022 January 12_City of Toronto:
“On January 12, 2022, Planning and Housing Committee will consider item PH30.2 which includes the proposed draft Official Plan Amendment and draft Zoning By-law Amendment to permit the development of Garden Suites in residential Neighbourhoods across the City of Toronto.” ︎︎︎

2022 January 12_Toronto Star: 
“Could a backyard house let Torontonians grow old at home? Proponents see adding a ‘garden suite’ as one solution to the city’s sky-high prices” ︎︎︎

2022 January 7_Global News:
“Toronto looks to garden suites to grow housing options” ︎︎︎

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